More on modules

After playing with different themes to collect ideas before designing my own theme, for simplicity in the administration menu I installed the administration menu module to provide a theme independent interface. I didn’t quite like the small size of the font and it’s short separation though, so with the help of firebug identified the selector in the stylesheet and increased padding and font size.

I also downloaded and installed pathauto, to be able to create user and SEO friend aliases to the content. Normally drupal path would be (node id) but when you install this module, you can manipulate the drupal path with user friendly URLs like  The path module in the drupal core allows users to rename URLs, but the pathauto module, as the name implies, creates automatically path aliases for content without requiring the user to manually specify the path alias. The path module comes disabled by default, I enabled it and consequently enabled pathauto as well. Turns out that Pathauto module depends on the token module, which I downloaded and installed. Not too sure what it is for, but it is a requirement. The automated alias settings can be highly customizable, but for the moment it creates a URL based on the content title and using a “-“ as a separator, as I have seen many websites do (blogs, online papers and a long etcetera, often adding the date of the published content as well).

On a side note, I am reading Emma Jane Hogbin and Konstantin Kafer´s Front-End Drupal book, which hopefully will teach me how to convert my web page design into a drupal theme. Found first chapter´s explanations on content types very useful.


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