SEO possible issues and GlobalRedirect module

I didn´t realise but content published under an alias with modules path and pathauto enabled is still accessible if typing in localhost/scouts/node/4 , creat ing duplicates and having two URLs for same content, something that search engines don´t like. The module GlobalRedirect fixes this to get content only visible at one URL (i.e. requests for node/4 are now forwarded to “alias-for-node-4”).

Also, having a separate completely differently looking administration section seemed like a good idea, mostly for when users log in to publish content; that´s why I installed the rootcandy module, which provides a very simple dashboard and a top bar icon based navigation menu. It allows as well to customize the menu according to users´roles, something that will be explored down the line when roles are decided. The credit link at the bottom of the page, was removed by commenting the following line from template.php, as explained in

$vars[‘closure’] .= ‘<div>Theme created by <a href=”; rel=”external”>Marek Sotak</a></div>’;

Another module that I installed is fckeditor, for drupal to replace textareas with this WYSIWYG html editor, to give users familiar with word-like text processors a more powerful editing tool. It is happening to me that as I move along in trying to get a good understanding of drupal mechanisms I am becoming more aware of the functionality desired and seeking for existing modules and the gap they try to cover.

Finally, had a hard time adding a simple Home button in the primary links menu linking to the front page. Got it to work by adding a page called Home, leaving empty URL path settings and saving it, and then going to site building>menus>primary links and editing Home from there, to add in its path <front>. It wouldn´t work by adding it to the URL path settings on page creation.


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