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I created few random users, both from the administration menu and also putting the user to register a new account. Ran into the php mail() function error. Not a drupal related error but rather a web server one, as I´m using wamp locally, so had to modify the php.ini to include my isp´s mail server address. After some testing now it works. This was of help:

Users signing in become authenticated users, which as opposed to anonymous users, can now post comments and participate in the forums. Some users will be allowed to create content, such as blog entries, news, events etc., that´s why I created a new group called contributing user, and assigned roles to it from user management->roles: on top of ticking the same that an authenticated user has, I gave them also access to create page content and create story content (under node module), and create/edit/delete own blog entries, since this is a contributor who is going to be writing things.

I have also done my first steps with cck module, I have created a new content type called event and added custom extra fields like location.

Another error that took me a while to figure out was when I tried to create menu items and then content to fill them; intuitively, it looks easier to start with a site map and fill in the content later. But the best way is to create content and AFTER the menu item.


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