jquery image slideshow

Designed a jquery image slideshow for the front page. After fighting with several different examples, my work has been based on this one:


After fiddling with various different options to base my theming work on (like creating subthemes, hacking existing ones, or starting from scratch with own code…), decided to duplicate the zen theme and start making changes to the structure (page.tpl.php) and presentation (zen.css). The file mytheme.info contains the relevant information about the theme and without it drupal won´t see it. Making changes like adding scripts or newly declared stylesheets into this .info file requires to refresh the browser at drupal´s theme administration page to let drupal know about the changes, because there is a big change in this file that acts like the theme manifesto.

At the minute the slideshow is hardcoded in the page.tpl.php page, using the php snipet if($is_front) to render it only on the front page.


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