Google adsense in drupal 6

In order to introduce google adsense on any site, an account has to be created and activated on Once the application is reviewed by google, it will generate javascript code that we can reference drupal to, to make it display the ads. The module adsense takes care of everything. Installation requires to enable the AdSense core as well as Managed Ads. From site configuration>adsense , 3 tabs display: publisher ID, manage ads, settings. Settings can be left at default, manage ads tells drupal how many blocks are created for the ads, and publisher id requires to enter in a textbox the id of your personal google adsense account ( “pub-xxxxxx”). From there on we can go to configure the google adsense blocks created by the module, in site building>blocks. The newly created blocks can be configured in size (under “ad format”, it is recommended to stick to the same settings chosen in the google adsense account) and alignment, but most importantly here is where the ad slot id code generated in the javascript code from google has to be pasted in.

This was very helpful:


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