Contact forms in drupal

The webform module adds a new node type called webform to drupal, to enable having contact forms, questionnaires, surveys, etc. This involves 2 steps:

1-creating the webform and its configuration, from content management>create content>webform; here we give the form a name, add the email address we want the information be submitted to, and other customization settings like permissions. Description box is what the user will see on the screen.

2-building the form components: after the newly created webform is submitted we are taken to a screen that allows us to build your actual form. What we do here is begin to create your fields. We can create text fields, text areas etc., making fields mandatory if needed, as well as assign a weight to ensure each field is in the order desired.

A final touch is disabling the “display post information” for content type webform, so that the outputted form doesn’t display at the top “submitted by Username on date” text. This can be done from admin/build/themes/settings, under global settings, unchecking the display for webforms.

One last thing to remember is that in order to have access to the form, a new item has to be added to the menu (primary links in my case) with the url to the form.


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