Monthly Archives: October 2010

drop down menus in drupal 6

Using nice menu module is needed to achieve a drop down menu effect. It needs to be enabled and assigned to a region where the navigation bar is. If using zen theme, overflow:hidden style in layout-fixed.css file for selector #navigation (line 226) needs to be removed. In the page.tpl.php file, instead of printing $navigation we need this line: . Css styling foes the rest.


Trimming text in a teaser causing issue

If a user adds html code to style content, like adding bold or italics for some text, and a view is displaying a teaser of that particular content trimming text down to say 100 characters, it can happen that closing tags are left out therefore extending italics or bold style to the rest of the page. This can be easily solved by making sure that each view that contains a teaser displayed has set either “Field can contain HTML” option (which will ensure tags are properly closed) or “Strip HTML tags”, which will output just plain text for the teaser view. An example of this and its solution was reported on: